How the new voting laws may affect you

Find out what’s happening where you live with VoteChat

Whether you're a new voter who needs to know what ID to bring to the polls or a voting virtuoso who wants a recap of new laws in your state — we get it, it can be confusing.

VoteChat is a virtual chatbot that informs you on current and changing voting laws that may affect you. Some laws expand access to voting, while others restrict it. Being able to vote with confidence is a basic right. We're here to help you understand what voting laws mean and how to prepare. From registration deadlines to requesting mail-in ballots to voting in-person, VoteChat has the answers.


Where does this information come from?

VoteChat gathers information from a range of sources. We track and gather data from the Brennan Center's bi-monthly voting law roundups and verify their current status via LegiScan. Voter registration information is sourced from each state's official website, as well as sites that aggregate the details like Ballotpedia.

Will my responses be recorded?

Nope! VoteChat logs users' responses anonymously to track any errors on the bot's behalf, but your data will not be shared or connected to you.

How can I contact VoteChat?

You can email us at We appreciate any feedback you have for us!

VoteChat was created by Danica Jefferies, Arden Bastia, Maria Bonnemaison, Yingyi Chen, Zhaozhou Dai, Xiaoxi Ma, Yuuki Nishida, and Kedi Zhu. All are graduate students at the Northeastern University School of Journalism's Media Innovation Studio.